Direct Fabrications


Metal Folding

Direct Fabrications are an experienced Metal Folding company that can help with all your metal bending and forming requirements with numerically controlled press technology. Our fantastic CNC press brake machinery is extremely versatile, meaning that we can provide sheet metal folding services on a regular basis or even for a one-off to fulfil your metal fabrication order.

What is a CNC Press Brake?

A press brake is a machine that is used for bending or forming sheet metal, predetermined bends are formed through clamping the metal between a matching punch and die.

A CNC press brake is operated electronically to perform precision metal folding time and time again. This technology allows us to reproduce complex metal forming with the same excellent result every time. Whether you require large sheet metal folding or intricate components, our experienced engineers will produce a fantastic result. Our machine has a bending force capacity of 150 tonne and a large bed that can accommodate sheet metal at a length up to 3 meters.

Our modern CNC press brake machine provides a huge variety of metal folding services, the opportunities are almost limitless.

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