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Plasma Cutting Services

Direct Fabrications offer premium Plasma Cutting Services to many industries throughout the UK. Our high definition plasma cutter provides a superior solution to traditional cutters, with superior quality, we can efficiently cut a variety of materials economically, and without flaws; which is why plasma cutting is often a preferred alternative to flame cutting.

Our state of the art high definition plasma cutter is capable of cutting up to 40mm sheet metal in a large 3 meter by 1.5 meter bed, providing us with the capability to accurately cut very large sheets of aluminium and stainless steel. Equipped with Hyperthem’s patented True Hole technology, our high definition machine delivers the best performance on the market, providing a smooth, detailed, intricate and flawless finish.

What is Plasma Cutting?

An inert gas is blown at high speed through a nozzle, at the same time an electrical arc is formed through the gas from the nozzle to the surface of the material being cut; this process ionizes the gas to form plasma. The heat provided from plasma is hot enough to melt the material, whilst the force of the stream blows molten metal away from the material.

The advancements in plasma cutting

Over the years, the development of high definition plasma machines has enabled the industry to advance and for our company to provide an economical metal cutting solution with a superior degree of accuracy, even on materials as thick as 150mm.

A variety of sized companies from a range of industries have used our plasma cutting services. Plasma cutting can be used to complete a huge variety of metal formations, including smaller applications for metal brackets, motorcycle parts and auto parts, ranging right through to signs, and larger parts for heavy machinery and aircrafts; the practical uses for plasma cutting services are almost endless.

Nearly 2 decades of experience as one of the UK’s leading steel fabricators makes our company an excellent choice to complete your cutting requirements.

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